Experiment with images formats and presentation

Author: gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com (gianni)

Hi Unifacers, I am currently experimenting a little bit with images and images formats on U9.7.04, either in FRM or DSP; it is harder with FRM because a DSP demand all presentation responsibility to user browser, so browser support could be checked on sites like caniuse.com. Any hint or suggestion or solution about following items when FRM are used? 1 - Vector images: documentation clearly states they are NOT supported. Any how SVG can be presented on Uniface forms using HTML5 widget. Do anyone have some alternative / hints to support SVG format? (See also question #2) 2 - Still in current U9 version usys.ini includes this section: [graphic filters] W=wmfimp.flt, WMF, Off Has anyone be able to use WMF image format or include and use some other graphic filter in a Uniface appl? 3 - Animated images: current picture widget show animated images (GIF and PNG or APNG) as static images showing the first frame of them in compatibility mode. Anyhow animated gif can be presented on Uniface forms using HTML5 widget. Any other solution implemented somehow? 4 - Question mainly for ULAB: current images library incapsulated in Uniface could manage animated GIF and/or animated PNG? 5 - Question mainly for ULAB: current automatic image resizing/scaling implemented into picture widget is very fast but with a low presentation quality. Is there anyway to improve presentation quality when resizing/scaling is in place? Thanks in advance for any input/suggestion. Regards, Gianni

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  1. One more question for ULAB: 6 - I've downloaded this animated PNG image. If I open it into Chrome browser (at page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APNG) it is presented as an animation; if I open it into HTML5 widget it is presented as static image. Based on this experiment animated PNG support is obviously different between Chrome browser and HTML5 widget (based on CEF3 library); is there anyway to get support for animated PNG into Uniface? BTW: WMF image format AFAIK is a vector format! Gianni

    Author: gianni (gianni.sandigliano@unifacesolutions.com)