Excel signatures -155 error

Author: dennis.vorst@uniface.com (Dennis Vorst)

Funniest thing happened to me a while ago. I generated a set of signatures for MS Excel version 2010 using : /sti /mwr=COM /pid Excel.Application And tested it with a component. And it worked fine. I could start it, open a workbook, move to a cell, save and close it. Then someone mentioned it would be better to name them with a prefix so that multiple versions could coexists. Which made sense. So i generated a new set of signatures using: /sti /mwr=COM /pid Excel.Application:EXCEL2010_ Which basically creates the samen signatures but their names start with EXCEL2010. I could still open an Excel application and a workbook but at some point i encountered a -155 error. Which is weird because i expect both sets of signatures to behave exactly the same. Any thoughts

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  1. Hi Dennis, which signature command returns the Error -155? Could you paste a bit of your code here? Also you could compare the signatures within the model using sql server queries. Regards, Daniel

    Author: Daniel_Kurz (kurzster@gmail.com)