Dll Kernel 64 bit of windows and signature under Uniface

Author: antoine.picaud@free.fr (apicaud)


Currently, I have in my application the signature KERNEL32 where the implementation is in C and I have some operations like GETCOMPUTERNAMEA.

It's ok under 32 bit OS version, but now I want the same function under 64 bit.

Have you signature of the kernel64 ?

Also, do you knwo how to implement signature on Uniface in anything else.




  1. Hi Antoine,

    I don't know where you kernel32 (3GL Call-Out) signature comes from.

    The "Signature Editor" can be used to create your own 3GL Call-Out signature or view an existing one.

    Since the Uniface installation is 32bit - that also runs on 64bit Windows - you can not call a function in a 64bit dll.

    Hope this helps,


    Author: sjaak (sjaak.van.schie@uniface.com)
  2. Finaly, I found the dll on Windows 64 bit in c:\windows\system32.

    The dll works with Uniface 32 bit.

    You have rights, Uniface cannot call a 64 bit dll. I hope, Uniface will be in 64 bit rapidely, because, all servers of our customers are in 64 bit.



    Author: apicaud (antoine.picaud@free.fr)
  3. I haven't tried this but try using c:\windows\syswow64\kernel32.dll

    The syswow64 directory contains the 32bit versions of the same programs running on 64 bit.


    Colin Douglass

    Author: Colin (cdouglass@siriussoftware.com.au)