Deprecated proc in Include Procs

Author: (DWarnke)

We have a bunch of deprecated code in our include procs.  I'd like to be able to identify all objects that need to be fixed for a particular library.  Is there a way to compile all include procs in a library and then review the proc listing for any 'deprecated' warnings?  I know there is a /lib commandline switch, but that only seems to do global procs and messages, not include procs.

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  1. Whilst in the Include Proc editor, you can choose File menu, option "Check all".  This will syntax check all include proc modules in the current library. It tested OK for statements like file_load, and deprecated math functions (without $ prefixes), i.e. which have been described as "old syntax".  Statements described as "obsolete feature", like run and spawn, do not show up as warnings.

    Author: Eddy Knochs (