Create tables from code

Author: (byjones)

Is it possible to create the tables from within code? I am creating a build process, and I'd like to generate the create tables sql from within code. If not, can we get this functionality added to the $ude command please :) Thanks Martin


  1. Hi martin,

    at least it's good old icomp $99 = 400 which generates the SQL scripts (after an analyze model).

    and because it's a file, even the SQL[/print] should be able to start the script.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (

    Hi Uli, may you be more explicit about “icomp $99 = 400”. How it works. Maybe you can write down a little example?


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  3. Hi,

    the icomp-info is located at:

    Success, Uli

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