Commandbutton different in 9.4 for CHUI

Author: (lalitpct)

the command button in 9.4 in chui is not dispalying the text in the command button completetly , but same code displayed it in 8.4.

And this happens at lot of places and hence dont want to fix it code level , I thought it could be because of usys.ini ..but i doubt in chui it uses that as even after removing usys.ini it is still working.


  1. Must be the Decoration property of the Command Button.
    You can switch this off in the .ini file.
    If that does not work you either changed the wrong .ini file or there is and external variation on this property on the Form.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  2. how does variation affect this one ...we have used variation

    Author: lalitpct (
  3. I have one one .ini file in the CHUI part  usys.ini , but that seems to be for windows whereas our chui is in unix.

    Apart from that we have $variation=SMART  , but how does this effect we are assigning library to it.




    $variation = "SMART"  >


    Author: lalitpct (
  4. $variation sets the library. That is not what I mean.
    We call it a variation when you have specified something different in the properties of the commandbutton in the Form vs the .ini file.
    Whatever you specified in the Form will be used.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  5. we have only usys.ini file in the location
    /opt/uniface/8406 >find . -name "*.ini" -type f
    /opt/uniface/8406 >
    but here decoration is off , even though i cant get ini file for this

    /opt/uniface/9401 >find . -name "*.ini" -type f
    but here decoration is on , and in this usys.ini file we have only [webwidgets] and not [widgets] ,
     I think for CHUI this is not used as even if i remove the file it doesnt make any difference.

    Is there any default settings picked up from somewhere which i cant see as in the forms and command button i cant see any decoration setting as well.

    Note this is for CHUI and not for GUI

    Author: lalitpct (
  6. Hi all I  redirected the path to the adm folder after which i was able to remove the decoration but now still we cant see the complete text .

    I think the issue is with height of the button ..

    the asn which i have redirected is as shon below ,can you tell me how to put size of the commandbutton ..

    /9401/common/adm >vi usyschr.asn
    "usyschr.asn" 9 lines, 218 characters
    ; logical to physical widget mapping




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