Coding Standards

Author: (ZoliZoli)

Hi everybody, Does Uniface have such document with general coding standards? Best, Zoltan


  1. I think that this is a question that is best poised for other customers rather than to Uniface, perhaps they can share what they have in use?? My experience has been that customers have defined their own coding standards based on their own particular needs and in some cases have bought in Uniface professional services to help in drafting those standards and guidelines as a document, or in the development environment in templates and so on. For instance I met with one customer a few weeks ago and we talked about how the product could potentially help police some of their standards. I could not resist making the comment that it must be really boring working there because the policing was very 'tight'. Putting something in the product could be interesting in the future.

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  2. ZoliZoli said Does Uniface have such document with general coding standards?

    IIRC In the days where uniface documentation was much more than a CHM file, there was a "Standard and Guidelines" document provided with the product. And you may google for "uniface" and "Building blocks", perhaps you organisation has a copy of this somewhere in the archives.

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