Classic deployment, multiple source enquiry

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 Hi there, I am developing/deploying my application in the classic method (no zip file or xml etc), and I am wondering if it is possible in the asn (or some other method) to specify multiple source areas. For example: main.asn *.frm                \\server\source1\components\frm\*.frm *.frm                \\server\source2\components\frm\*.frm The problem with this approach is that it simply overwrites source1 with source2, no forms are loaded from source1. I have also tried main.asn *.frm                \\server\source1\components\frm\*.frm #file                 \\server\source1\adm\main2.ans main2.asn *.frm                \\server\source2\components\frm\*.frm But it's the same outcome. The reason for wanting to have multiple locations is for QC/QA purposes, I want to have a sanitised test environment where we have a clean application deployment (which is always a mirror of the live application), but have a separate location (which takes priority) where I can drop compiled forms for testing.   Thanks in advance, Mike.


  1. This is, in my opinion, the main enhancement of Standardized method. [RESOURCES] patch_path DEPLOYED.UAR where patch_path can be a folder where testing takes place (you need to define it in standardized way: frm, svc, sig...) DEPLOYED.UAR is your application in your current version. When Uniface needs something (for instance, 'problematic.frm')... it look for it in resources locations until it is located. At the begginning in DEPLOYED.UAR but in patch_path as soon you start working on it. So, you are testing the new "problematic.frm" with the rest of deployed application. And you can have several UARs files as you have several subsystems in your application.

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  2. If the folders are named as per the Uniface defaults (frm,svc,rpt etc.) I believe you could use the RESOURCES option as well as the standard deployment.  [SETTINGS] $search_resources=resources_first [RESOURCES] \\server\source1\components \\server\source2\components   This will use forms found in  \\server\source1\components\frm in preference to those found in  \\server\source2\components\frm I don't believe there is a switch which turns OFF the .urr etc and forces everything to be resources/uar based, it's all priorities. 

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  3. Thanks for the swift replies! Iain, would this require me to use the standard deployment rather than classic? Thanks.  Edit: Right, I see what you mean, got it pointed to the components and seems to be doing the trick, testing abound but it looks good! Mucho mucho thanks! Mike.

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