Button Windows style - Text not centered on W Server 2003

Author: ncolmart@medinfo.fr (ncolmart)


We are trying to modify our application so the buttons will look like XP/vista style buttons by setting the representation property of a button to Windows.

The texts are always well Horizontally and Vertically centered if the text is displayed on 1 line.
But when the text is expanded on a second line, this second line is not well centered when running on a Windows server 2003 (we have not yet tested with a more recent server version).
The first line is ok, but the second line is left aligned and not centered.

It works well on XP.

Is there any setting I can change to have this text well centered aligned when running on a Windows server 2003 ?



  1. If your text contains %%^ to put it on a second line, it may be worth removing this and seeing if the uniface wrap is better.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)
  2. I've tested with text containing %%^ and with text without %%^.
    But the problem occurs in both cases.

    Author: ncolmart (ncolmart@medinfo.fr)
  3. I am also quite interested in this topic. In speaking of the button style, I also remember that there are button UI controls. Those things seems to contain abundant styles. However, I am not quite familiar with the button text formatting. Don't know if there is any good solution to this situation here. I tried the description, also feel so troublesome with this phenomenon.  

    Author: xiaoyuandlg (xiaoyuandlg@hotmail.com)