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One more migration issue: The text of labels can be set to be bold by the use of ctrl+b when writing the text. In our installation of Uniface 8 the bold text didn?t matter, the text showed up unchanged in the component. When we run forms that have bold text in their labels in our Uniface 9 environment the situation has changed, the text shows up as bold. Is there any change in settings we can use to remedy this behavioural change? It is possible to strip the xmls of their bold formatting for sure, but we would like to avoid such actions. // Sven Hedqvist


  1. I am afraid you have to change the bold markers in your labels to the $bold function.


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  2. How is that helping me?

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  3. I had the same problem -- I exported everything to XML and then I used a unix string/stream (GNUWin32) editor and added this to the script to replace all the manually applied bold/italics/underline:



    This is probably not an all inclusive list -- I created my own component and added these things as it was in U8 to see what I had to look for -- it's worked great for me so far.

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  4. Hello Sven,

    The easiest way to "restore" the version 8 behavior is to export all forms with version 9 and remove all character display attributes (Bold, Italics, or Underline). This can be done doing a search and replace with your favorite text editor. You have to look for the following definitions in the XML export (in the data of FORMPIC field):

    • &uB;
      ** Bold
    • &uI;
      ** Italics
    • &uU;
      ** Underline
    • &uBI;
      ** Bold + Italics
    • &uBU;
      ** Bold + Underline
    • &uIU;
      ** Italics + Underline
    • &uBIU;
      ** Bold + Italics + Underline

    Any of the mentioned definition should be replaced with an empty string. But please make sure to make a backup of the original export file (with the character display attributes) in case something goes wrong. And in case you're also using the listed attributes in Proc then you probably want to make sure that these are not replaced. Also note that in case you are using labels in combination with the Proc function $text that you have to check the related messages and remove the character display attributes there as well.

    It has been investigated if it's possible to remove the character display attributes during the migration process (performed by the form uumtmp48) or during the compilation of a component. But after analyzing this matter carefully it has been decided that the risks of such changes are too high. And some customer apparently have added these attributes in the past on purpose and they might be quite happy that we've enabled this functionality again in version 9.

    Hope this helps.

    Best regards,

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  5. Hi Uli,

    Yes, I accidentally withhold the closing semicolon. I've corrected my previous posting accordingly.


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