Automatic field resizing in Grid

Author: (richard.gill)


Enhanced grid widget on Uniface 9 is great, and the new composant open form in UDE shows a possibility I can't reproduce : the ability to auto-magically update a field width (and header width too) during window resizing (with I suppose a right attached grid'ed entity). Is it an UDE specific functionnality or this behavior is possible in our developments ?

It would be nice to know if the same is possible with the list part of a Tree widget. Getting it to work with 3GL and the Windows API is quiet easy, but integrating such a subclassing is far more difficult with Uniface (and it would be nicer to have that out of the box).

Regards, Richard


  1. Check out AutoSizeableColumn in the help pages. Iain

    Author: Iain Sharp (
  2. God, feeling ridiculous not to have seen that. Thanks for the info.

    Well, it would be nice to have the same thing for Tree. The ColumnWidth part of the Formats property does not permit an automatic sizing. Maybe a wish to add...

    Regards, Richard

    Author: richard.gill (
  3. yeah, or the ability to declare column/cell sizes in terms of percentages (like tables in HTML).

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