Application written in Uniface 9 is slow to startup in Citrix

Author: (DWarnke)

We have a customer who is running our application on a Citrix Server. If a user who is assigned to the Admin group starts up our application, it comes up immediately. If a user who is not assigned to the Admin group attempts to start up our application, they have a 2 minute delay. We are wondering if anybody else has had this issue and if DLM is at fault in any way.


  1. David, In one of the calls we handled here in the past Karen wrote me this below. Deriving from this text it may be related to permissions? Timeouts of many seconds often have to do with networking, so I would also check for mapped drives etc.. If "they" are having issues with roaming profiles on a Citrix box (providing the license server is on Citrix) then it generally comes down to one of two things: Either full permissions have not been granted on Citrix server for the Documents and Settings\All Users directory or the Root_Config registry setting is pointing to the wrong drive (ex. M). The Root_Config (found here: HKey_Local_Machine>Software>Compuware>DLM) should be pointing to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users.

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  2. Thanks Rob, that was it. The users group did not have privilege to write to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\.compuware. DLM likes to try writing multiple times before timing out and eventually writing to another folder. This was the delay that we were seeing.

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