Another DSP Layout Editor

Author: (bioalexy)

Hi,  Just wanted to ask if there is a way to integrate another HTML editor in the Uniface IDF (9.7), like for example Dreamweaver, to be used alongside the Component Editor?


  1. Hi, instead of using a different editor, IMHO is better improve and fix current. Claudio

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  2. You can choose to store your layouts in external files and use your preferred editor. For a DSP, go to Server Page Properties, and uncheck "Use internal layout storage".  You will get an option to save your layout to a file, and can then change your default Set State code (I use an include proc) to change the weblayout command, e.g. instead of weblayout you might use weblayout ".\hts\<$componentname>.html". For USP's look at $SEARCH_SKELETON in the help.

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  3. David Akerman said For USP's look at $SEARCH_SKELETON in the help.  

    Hello David,it must be defined in the wasv.asn? Thanks Claudio

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