Add scrollbar dynamically - Uniface 9.7

Author: (helbenmar)

Hi, is there a way of adding a horizontal scrollbar to a form when its size is dynamically changed with $paintedfieldproperties? There is no information about how to do it in Uniface help. Thank you


  1. The $paintedfieldproperties 10.2.01 CHM Help says:

    "Form scroll bars do not appear when the layout is changed using $paintedfieldproperties. If you move a widget so that it becomes fully or partially drawn outside the visible window border, scroll bars are not added to the form even if the window property No Form Scrollbars is set to FALSE." I have been looking for a form level function that will turn scrollbars on/off; but so far no luck.


    Author: Bob Maier (
  2. Hi, Do you mean that you make a FIELD bigger so it does not fit the WINDOW anymore? -> You should automatically get a scroll bar Or have you specified a fixed FORM size in which the field does not fit anymore? -> You shouldn't do that. Or make the form bigger as well.

    Author: Theo Neeskens (