ASN file name

Author: (PaoloLovati)

Hi all, does anyone knows if Is it possible to obtain the ASN file name and path passed to the application from the comman line switches? Thanks.


  1. Hi Paolo, in uniface.exe, only arguments (the ones after the startup shell) are accessable via $1, $2, ... if you tell us, what you need that info for, we can perhaps find something which will help you.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. If you use the command line while starting the IDF, you can see the path to the ASN by using the "/who" command. But I don't think it works when starting the uniface.exe.

    Author: dmanchester (
  3. Hi Ulrich, the application runs in client-server environment. The need is to allow the user to change the application theme dinamically, choosing between different named INI files (created as templates), from the login form. To do this I thought to run a new application (from the one still active used to login) using the INI file select by the user, but with the same ASN file and then close the application used to login. I would like to use the same ASN that comes from the "/asn=...." param Any idea on how to obtain the same result in other ways? TIA

    Author: PaoloLovati (
  4. You could add a logical in the asn with the name of the asn, then use $logical to look it up. Alternatively, you could use $setting to change the ini file settings from a database version. This might even work live without restarting the app.

    Author: Iain Sharp (