$windowproperties works in dev. environment, not in test environment

Author: arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com (Arjen van Vliet)

Hi, I'm using Uniface 9.3. In the in the execute trigger of an old fashioned modal C/S form I've put: $windowproperties("DYNA0101", "STATE") = "STATE=CENTERED" This form is a logon form; it gets called from a start up shell. Works like a charm in my dev. environment, but does not work in my test environment. In the test environment I'm getting a "-1126 Property not valid" and the form just doesn't center. I allready did a quick analyses of differences in various settings in ASN and INI files between both environments, but did not yet find a clue. Do you guys have a clue? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Arjen


  1. Hi Arjen,

    just a stupid question: dev and test have the same uniface version?

    Just a windiff over both installation directories may help
    in my years on the road I encountered differences in installed patches or copied dlls like IRTL or so.

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Hi Arjen,

    try a show statement before the windowproperties.

    I am not sure anymore, but I believe it helps us.

    Seems that the pointer to the form (window) is not iniiated.

    Best regards


    Author: Thomas.Young (thomas.young@young-consulting.de)
  3. Thx Thomas,

    A 'show' before the $windowsproperties did the trick. Didn't bother anymore to dive into the different patch levels at this moment.


    Author: Arjen van Vliet (arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com)
  4. Hi

    We had a similar problem with $windowproperties, after passing uniface R106 patch. Support told us to code a 'show' before.

    The problem is solved in R108.

    Kind regards,

    Author: richard.gill (richard.gill@agfa.com)
  5. Thanks for the swift reply guys. I just remembered that only my dev environment is on the latest patch level, as the testers still have to approve a former patch in the test environment. That's worth a try. I will try the show statement too. Cheers, Arjen

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (arjen.van.vliet@uniface.com)