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Author: lammersma@hotmail.com (lammersma)


I have a couple of questions about the backcolor property of $windowproperties.

  1. When I try the example from the documentation:$windowproperties ("MYFORM", "BACKCOLOR=lightblue"), I get a syntax error. When I try $windowproperties ("MYFORM") = ("BACKCOLOR=lightblue") I get no error.
  2. In a test component in IDF $windowproperties ("MYFORM") = ("BACKCOLOR=lightblue")  works fine. When I try the same code in a form in my application I get an procerror -1132. What can be the problem here? IDF and Uniface use different ini's.

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  1. I believe the correct syntax is $windowproperties("MYFORM","BACKCOLOR") = "BACKCOLOR=lightblue" Regards, Iain

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)