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Author: spanish_uniface@hotmail.es (uniface8)

Hi, i´m working with U8.2 and xmlstream, i have to encode a pdf to a base64 string, but i have a problem, when the base64 string it´s decoding with another java application the result its not the same.¿can somebody help me?

Uniface adds at the final of all lines a character  " = "  ¿it´s possible to change it?




  1. I look the character set, syntax and type of the fields, model,... but all is ok, or I don´t find the problem , and as the client has hurry... (strange ¿no?), finally i use a external library to transform the pdf file into a base64 string.

    Thank you.

    Author: uniface8 (spanish_uniface@hotmail.es)
  2. Hi,

    I suspect the differences might be due to different versions of base64. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Base64#URL_applications

    In the standard encoding the = sign is used to pad the values out to the same length. However the Java program might be using URL safe encoding, which removes the equals signs (and changes a few other characters).

    Maybe you could give some more detail on your process? How were you encoding the PDF internally before using an external library?



    Author: James Rodger (james.r.rodger@gmail.com)
  3. Hi, James

    I tried

    file_load/raw pdf_file,mimecontent.document and file_load pdf_file,mimecontent.document     ;     the type of mimecontent.document was raw data

    ; a lot of codelines

    xmlsave document.aux, "DTD:MyDTD.JOFI"

    In the uniface help:

    UNIFACE data type

    Converted to...


    Raw data

    String, with substitution of predefined entities

    The field is converted into a string using an internal base 64 encoding.

    And finally i used an xslt file to transform the first xml into another xml.

    The problem its solved with the external library but if you know why it was great !!

    Thank you.

    Author: uniface8 (spanish_uniface@hotmail.es)