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Author: spanish_uniface@hotmail.es (uniface8)

Hi, i´m working with a client/server application with uniface 8.2 and oracle 8i; we need to upgrade oracle 8i to oracle 10, but without change uniface version; I have been looking for drivers or connectors but I have not found it ¿is possible to connect uniface 8.2 and oracle 10 ?¿can anybody help me?.


PD:sorry for my english.


  1. HI,

    in most cases, the uniface database connector can work with higher versions of the database
    (assuming they are upward compatible). I copied some Info from Availability Matrix:

    December 15, 2003                     Product Availability Matrix UNIFACE V8.2.03 UNIFACE/ Driver (Version) MS-Windows 98, 2nd edition MS-Windows Millennium MS-Windows XP Professional Edition (32 bits) MS-Windows NT 4.0 Intel MS-Windows 2000
    Previous release:   8.2.02 8.2.02 8.2.02 8.2.02 8.2.02
    Compatibility-code   W98 WME WXP NT4 W2K
    Oracle 9i version 2 U4.4 B311 - B311 B311 B311
    Oracle 9i U4.3 S - S S S
    Oracle 8.1.6/8.1.7 U4.2 S - V S S
    RMS U1.0 - - - - -
    Oracle 8.1.6/8.1.7 U3.6 S - V S S
    Oracle 9.01 XA U5.2 - - - M231 -
    S = Supported with GA version
    V = Verified, see UNIFACE readme.txt for further details
    Bxxx = Supported with patch Bxxx
    Note = This functionality is currently under review. If you have any questions about it, please contact your support organization.

    Looks promising, but there will be much more competent people outside to answer your question "officially"


    SUccess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Thanks Ulrich. i hope it works.

    Author: uniface8 (spanish_uniface@hotmail.es)