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Hello i want to use a print/preview, and i want that page will be width. i use -             print/preview "PRINT_NAME", "C"   thank you


  1. Uriel said Hello i want to use a print/preview, and i want that page will be width. i use -             print/preview "PRINT_NAME", "C"   thank you

    Hello, Could you please explain what you mean by the page should be "width"? Do you want to print the page in landscape or with a specific width (size)? Thanks, Daniel

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  2. hey i meant to landscape. thanks

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  3. Thanks for the additional info. When you choose in your Print Job Model (e.g. PRINT_NAME) for "Device Mode" the "Mode 1" then the page should be printed in landscape. And where did I find this info, you might ask: I've checked the definitions of the Printer Device Table. If you import the file usource.xml from {UnifaceAPSDir}\uniface\misc\ then you can check the definitions for yourself. After the import you can find the different Printer Device Tables by going (in the IDF) to (menu) "Utilities > Deployment > Device Tables...", chose tje USYS library, and then the specific Printer Device Table you are using in yout Print Job Model (e.g. P_MSWINX). And here are the "Device Mode" definitions for the Printer Device Table P_MSWINX:

    ^^ Device modes can use three different syntaxes for Windows printers:
     ^^ mode_n(cols,rows) Fixed page size (e.g. for labels)
     ^^ mode_n(0, scale) Auto page size with font scaling
     ^^ mode_n(0, scale)[opts,copies] Auto page size with font scaling,
     ^^ options and multiple copies.
     ^^ opts=2: landscape
     ^^ opts=4: draft mode
     ^^ Combine options by adding them.
     ^^ If you want accurate printing on pre-printed stock, use a fixed
     ^^ page size (i.e. first syntax) and select a device font (indicated
     ^^ by a printer icon) in the setup dialogs for best results.
     ^NUL mode_0(0,100)
     ^NUL mode_1(0,100)[2,1]
     ^NUL mode_2(0,75)
     ^NUL mode_3(0,75)[2,1]
     ^NUL mode_4(0,100)[4,1]
     ^NUL mode_5(0,50)[4,1]
     ^NUL mode_6(40,6) Big labels
     ^NUL mode_7(32,4) Small labels

    As you can see (e.g.) mode_1 is using landscape. There's probably an easier way to get to the required information. But this is all I got for now. Hope this helps. Daniel

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  4. Sorry, I've just realized that you've posted this in the sub-forum "Uniface 8". In version 8 the export file (with the Printer Device Tables) is called usource.trx and it's located in the sub-directory {Uniface8Dir}\trx\. And the above mentioned directory {UnifaceAPSDir}\uniface\misc\ is only valid for Uniface version >= 9.4. For older versions of Uniface 9 the usource.xml is located in {Uniface9Dir}\misc\.

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