fundamental query on uniface

Author: (lalitpct)

   I want to know few things

1)I am unable to  get where keyboard specification is given i did check in utility>deployment>keyboard translation table .
but in that the screen was clear.i mean it had lot of carat sign. How to find out the GOLD key setting and other things in that table
2) Do u have basic level of material where this things are explained ..if yes can you send me
3) how we can practice ..i mean is there any dummy idf or free version
3)Is it possible that u guys can share ur gmail id so that whenever i find u online i can chat and discuss more abbt uniface ..or even ur contact number will do ..
mine +65 83762565 and my gmail id is  in case u dont want to share.
4)when the application is started what is the flow for eg.
                     the first .asn file  called assigns all setting and then *.aps files are called but if there are many aps with wild card(*) how it is distinguished and from *.aps file how it goes to form

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