field_syntax question

Author: (dmanchester)

Setting a store button to "DIM" is easy to prevent the user from clicking on it.

field_syntax "PB_STORE", "DIM"

Is there a way to examine the syntax or properties of the button to see what it's current field syntax is?

Also setting the color is done with:

field_video "PB_STORE", "col = 4" ;red

Is there a way to determine the current color of the button?



Dave Manchester




  1. Hi Dave,

    AFAIK, there is nothing available to get the syntax and video of a field/entity/.... in Uniface 8.

    Solution: use a procedure to
    - set syntax and video
    - and store the info in $fieldproperties

    This will NOT cover the default values;
    so I generate an include file out of the uniface repository
    to store the default values in $properties during initialisation.

    This work was done as part of the dITo initiative
    to provide needed functionality to uniface-coders right now.

    Success, Uli

    The Help of 9.4.rc mentions $fieldsyntax, $fieldvideo to set and get the information

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. $curoccvideo, $fieldsyntax, and $fieldvideo are available as of Uniface 9.1.01

    Now, from you message I could not determine whether you're doing web development or regular C/S. For the web you should also know that you can never inspect the value of $fieldvalrep, $fieldproperty, nor the value of $curoccvideo, $fieldsyntax, and $fieldvideo because these values are never send back to the server and therefor simply return "" always. If you need this, maintain a copy in a field value.


    Author: Gerton Leijdekker (
  3. I cannot get $fieldsyntax to work under 9.4. Still comes back with "". If I have a button called PRINT with %Print, and have it set to HID. when the user presses ALT P, it still activates the detail trigger. I want to check if the fieldsyntax is HID before I continue.



    Author: josephrea (