covert forms to html in idf

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In our project I need to have option where current form viewed can be converted to html and stored locally so that we can view them and search code easily .


  1. Hi,

    under Preferences, you can check the creation of Listing 1 (in uniface up to V8 in a *.PRO) file:

         Generate Proc Listings
               Type 1 Listing

    You will get an up-to-date code listing with each compile which can be used to scan the sourcecode
    using GREP, AWK, FIND etc.

    Success, Uli

    Excerpt from a Proc Listing:

    Trigger <STOR> from Form: A_ORA1

         1          store
         2-1        if ($status < 0)
         3-1           message $text(1500)    ; error
         4-1           rollback
         5-1        else
         6-2          if ($status = 1)
         7-2            message $text(1723)   ; no change
         8-2          else
         9-2            commit
        10-3            if ($status < 0)
        11-3              rollback
        12-3            else
        13-3              message $text(1805) ; Ok
        14-3            endif
        15-2          endif
        16-1        endif

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  2. Please explain.

    Like Uli said, you can search code in the compilation listing.

    Or you can make an XML export of the form, and search through that.

    But what do you mean by VIEW? Do you want to see how the form looks when it runs? Or?

    Author: Theo Neeskens (
  3. Actually in my previous project in idf there was a another form which was created to convert the entire form into html.

    I have that screenshot but I dont know how to upload the doc in this forum .The advantage was It was so simple to understand the code and easy to search.

    Give you mail id then I can mail the entire thing to you .my id is

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