connection to sybase from uniface

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In the uniface connectivity to sybase we use code like [ isql -U <username> -P <password>] and fire in the os where  database is present. it connects fine but the issue comes when a testing team (security  team) puts some sniffer or some tools which we dont know ..they can see all the code executed and passed to server, database n all

in that we can clearly see username and password ..which  is creating an audit issue.. is there any way by which we can haandle in uniface .... like encryptting it while passing ..

when they send us screenshot of when we are hitting server and database ..they could literarlly see everything username ,password ..sensitive data etc

first thing i want to fix is password as it is clearly an issue ...pls let me know if you  have any  soln for this



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  1. Use the option -X with isql. Perhaps it helps

      -X                   Initiates the login connection to the server with client-side password encryption.

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