Watches not appearing in debug mode

Author: (Satheesh)


I am using Uniface8.4. The Uniface "Watches" window is not working for me.

Due to this reason I am not able to see the values assigned to the variables in debug mode.

Can anyone help me?








  1. It's buggy uniface causing this problem.

    If you can "regedit", search for UDBG (should be under the STATE node) and delete the forms definitions underneath.
    UDBG may be found a couple of times, so continue searching

    If you are not privileged to edit the Registry, use the SETUP to remove the STATE in the repository.

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  2. Hello

    Thank you so much. It works fine.


    B.Satheesh Muthu Gopal



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  3. If it happens all the time then export your good regedit settings for idf, put them in a .bat file with your idf.exe.

    nice and clean each time.





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