Version 8 Slower Than Version7

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Hello Everyone, I am currently converting our application from version 7 to version 8. To test the conversion I have set up a database that both systems access and then running the same components to test both the speed and accuracy of the v8 system. I have found that the v8 system can take up to 7 times longer to run the same component using the same data. The data is the same - because its the same database - so its not a bad or missing index. Its running on the same machine - so that's not it. I have tried the v8 system with both the U3.0 and U4.0 drivers with no difference The slowdown occurs in the proc_profiling counter DBMSTIME. V7 takes 12 (I assume MS) whilst V8 takes 80 for the same process. Windows 2003 Server V7 is 7.2.06 V8 is 8.4.05 Microsoft SQL Server 2000

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  1. Hi, In some cases, changing the default value of $NET_FMT to HIT_META from HIT_DB can help. For a description of this setting (introduced in 8.3.02) please see uLibrary or Thanks, Jas.

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