Upgrading to Uniface version 10

Author: jurberg@lifetouch.com (jurberg)

We have an old Uniface application running on version 8.4.  At a high level, what are the steps we'd need to go thru to get to version 10? Thanks!


  1. Author: dleveque (david.leveque@vision4health.be)
  2. The migration path to Uniface 10 is from Uniface 9.6/9.7, so you will need to import it into Uniface 9.7 following any migration steps, and then export and import into Uniface 10. They should be viewed as separate steps.  Although it is pretty easy, we are working on some YouTube videos to outline the steps to move to Uniface 10. (just started working on them).  You might want to take a look at the versions of your OS and database for your platforms, I would expect that to need updating also. We are still finalising but will share details when finalised. It is closely linked to the Visual Studio C++ project, as the project forced updates to 3rd party libraries which in turn has meant older versions of 'server' operating systems such as Linux/UNIX will not be supported in Uniface 10.3 (or Uniface 9.7.05). Windows remains 'as-is', except Windows XP won't work and Windows CE will no longer be supported. 

    Author: Adrian Gosbell (adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp)