Text Connector

Author: cdouglass@siriussoftware.com.au (Colin)


I am trying to use the text connector to create a text file. I have not used it before so I am not sure if I am setting it up right.

I have defined an entity with a DBMS path of "Text Files (TXT)".

I have added the following line the into the assignment file

in_warehouse_product_seq.sirius $text:in_warehouse_product_seq.fdd/append

Then when I store the table "in_warehouse_product_seq" I get the following error in the msg frame
I/O function: 0, mode: 1, on file/table: $text:in_warehouse_product_seq.fdd/append
42000 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Drive][SQL Server]Line 2: Incorrect syntax near ']'

Am I missing a step? I expected a text file with the extension of fdd to be created.

Do I need to have a $TXT path?

 Thanks Renee


  1. Hello,

    I suggest you to use $txt instead of $text  (because $TXT is the official mnemonic for TXT connector) :

    in_warehouse_product_seq.sirius $txt:in_warehouse_product_seq.fdd/append


    And then don't forget to define TXT in paths and driver_settings sections, see an example below  :

    SOL     U3.4
    SEQ     U1.0

    MSS   Ux.x

    TXT U1.0

    $TXT    TXT:
    $MSS   MSS:xxx:|yyy|zzz

    $SYS    $MSS
    $UUU    $SYS
    $IDF    $SYS
    $DEF    $SYS

    If it doesn't  work, please send use the full content of your asn file.



    Author: BenHen (benoit.henry@hotmail.com)
  2. Thanks that did the job..

    Author: Colin (cdouglass@siriussoftware.com.au)
  3. Hi Renee,

    you have to use $TXT as the path or define your own $TEXT path which maps to $TXT.
    Make sure the TXTxxxx.dll is specified (if you get a 3GL error).

    Sucecss, Uli

    if all you want to do is to CREATE a TXT-file, you can set the TXT for the entity in your data model; you do not need to use this /append routine:
    To read data from a text file, add the /append command line switch to each file name in an assignment file, using the following construction:

    Entity.ConceptualSchema = $txt:Entity.ffd/append
    For example:
    my_file.my_cs = $txt:my_file.ffd/append

    The use of wildcards is not supported. Without the /append command line switch, the TXT connector implicitly creates the file or overwrites it.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)