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Hi There,   I can't get Uniface v8.4 working with Sybase bigint datatype. Anybody any experience? I found very little info so far but it seems there is a Sybase connector option "mapping". The document doesn't tell which Connector version supports this options?  


Map the I8 packing code to the bigint Sybase data type.

usys$syb_params mapping 1


1—map the I8 packing code to the bigint data type. Any other value has no meaning, and the default mapping is used.

By default, the I8 packing code is mapped to the float data type.

  But even if I8 packing code is mapped to float by default it should work, shouldn't it? Any help is very approciated! Zoltan


  1. I think Sybase introduced bigint at a later time than Uniface 8.4 was taken off support.   I just did a quick search and it was introduced in Sybase ASE 15, and I am pretty sure that the libraries used to build the driver would have been based on an older Sybase version. 

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  2. Have a look at the userdefined packing codes - IF you desperately need to use I8 - and since the driver doesn't support bigint I'd have as a fair guess that the lab will not do a backport.... Using userdefined packing codes isn't difficult - and it does provide a neat way to combine Uniface with either very OLD datatypes - or in this case, very new datatypes. I've used in the past on OpenVMS with RMS files where date fields were stored as a integer like this: 32101 - which when decoded would be the 101st day of the year based on 1970 + 32 years. In other words, April 12th, 2002. If this was accessed as an integer, we would not have been able to query the database with a Uniface date field. User defined packing codes solved this problem. Regards, Knut

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