Star Micronics TSP700 printer

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Does anyone have a translation table for the Star Micronics TSP700 printer?


  1. Good morning, Dave.

    I think there is a standard driver for Windows available for this printer, so P_MSWINX should be ok.

    But if you need some specialities: what do you really need in this DTL?

    Just the ordinary FF7reset/xyz? Then P_DEFAULT may still do the Job.


    Can you provide a link to the "Programmers manual" for this printer?



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  2. Here is a link to the programmers manual for this printer.

    We are currently using the P_MSWINNT translation table with some success. I was hoping to find a translation table specific for this printer so when the users decide to take advantage of some of it's extra capabilities I'd be one step ahead of them.


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  3. Hi Dave,

    your customer accesses the printer through the normal uniface printing mechanism so he is not free to do whatever he likes.


    so (if I remember it well, it was 1996) we used some text attributes to specify control sequences like:

    bold-on: switch barcode printing on
    bold-off: turn barcode printing off

    The other focus was on the INIT sequences sent to the printer to have a proper print of "Umlauts" etc.


    Another way we used was creating an ASCII file and wrap some escape codes around it and copy it to the printer-port as binary.


    A lot of options,
    a lot to do.


    P.S: still the best onthis topic: from Debra Mullen

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