Special character

Author: a.gene@effort-remois.com (aureliegene)


I load a file xml with the command fileload.
In the file xml, a string contains the character ÿ
I want to replace ÿ by Y but the $scan not find ÿ

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  1. perhaps this character has been converted when the XML was loaded?

    What is the charset specified in the XML?


    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. No the chartset has not been converted.

    Other characters for exemple oe is convert Œ

    In the xml, the charset is Loÿs

    In the variable string Loÿs is scan but not fileload

    Sorry for my level of english !!!!

    Author: aureliegene (a.gene@effort-remois.com)
  3. Hi Aurelien

    1) Can you post us/me or paste into this form the XML in question?

    2) Do you use a field or variable in which you load the XML file
          If it is a field, is the syntax set to "FUL" for "full character range"?

    3) Try to import the XML-file into a field which is visible on the surface (create a test form ... )
          After importing, check the context of the field.
          Try to edit the context.
          Leave the field after modifing any part (best is to insert a blancat begin) of the XML-context
          Does UnifAce give you any "hint" about a problem with the characters used. E.g. 0131: "invalid font"


    Author: istiller (i2stiller@gmx.de)