SQL in Uniface $datapath

Author: satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com (Satheesh)


I am using a SQL statement (oracle is the database) in Uniface to fetch the maximum value from the table.

I am using $datapath for the connection string and $datapath is defiend in asn file.

I am properly getting the value as I expected.

Now I worried about this is the safest method to get the value. Anybody please confirm.

Let me know if anyother better option to fetch the value from database.







  1. what about selectdb?

    This can handle all kind of ASN redirection as well, but you have to paint the entity in the component.


    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  2. Hello Uli


    Thanks for your reply. I am not only using MAX. I am using "substr", "to_number" also in the query. These keywords doesnot work when I use selectdb.




    Author: Satheesh (satheesh.balu.m@gmail.com)
  3. You could still use selectdb if you created a view with one of the fields as your aggregate.

    Or you could create a proc to do the work and call that.








    Author: osie_osie (osieman@gmail.com)