Network impact of TCP-option keep alive

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Hi all,

does anyone know or has an assumption about the additional network traffic generated by the "keep alive" (USYS$TCP_PARAMS ka) option?

  • WAN connections from sites having 256 kBit/s to 12 MBit/s and 10-200 clients
  • around 1000 clients are connected to the central site

Is there a possibility to adjust the interval of the keep alive checks?


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  1. Hello Thomas,

    Possibly the article in

    can answer some of your questions. Even if this article refers to Version 7, it could possibly also be valid for newer versions.




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  2. Hi Wolgang,

    happy new year and thanks for replying!

    I already stumbled upon this article some months ago but as I understand it mainly adresses this topic related to the implementation on OS/390 - obviously it doesn´t.

    One open questions still then:

    "This interval must be configurable and must default to no less than 2 hours."
    For Uniface I only the find the option to set keep alive on or off (USYS$TCP_PARAMS ka).What is the default in UF 8.4 and is there a way to configure the probe interval on Windows?

    Other topics will be addressed by myself when doing some tests.


    Thank you

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  3. Dear Thomas,

    The configuration of the TCP Keep-Alive Messages is done on Operating System level. In Uniface you can only configure if the TCP path should use keep-alive or not.

    The default of the Keep-Alive Timeout is usally 2 hours and the following Microsoft Knowledge Base Article describes how to tweak the different keep-alive settings (on Windows):

    And here are some additional information regarding the TCP Keep-Alive Messagesfrom the MSDN Library:

    For other Operating Systems (like for example UNIX/Linux) please check the corresponding topic in the OS documentation - or "simply" search on the WWW "library".

    Hope this helps.

    With kind regards,

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