Menus, Menu Bars - we have a problem

Author: (Sven_Hedqvist)

From time to time we get problems with our menus and menu bars. The problem comes from code changed in a menu not being implemented in the menu bar that uses it. We have menus that are implemented in some 50 menu bars (i.e. an Edit-menu). When we make a change in such a menu that is implemented in several menu bars we of course only want to make the change in the menu and let its changes be inherited by all menu bars. That is often not the case though.

How do we make sure that changes in a menu is implemented in all menu bars that uses it?


  1. With that amount of menus and menubars I think I would compile all menus and menubars after each change in one menu, for instance through the "Global Actions" function. Be aware that compiling through "Global Actions" works per library, so if your menus are divided over more than one library you will have to compile your menus per library. And afterwards of course create a new DOL file...

    Author: Arjen van Vliet (
  2. ahh.. Sounds nice.


    I will check what our CM says about it

    Author: Sven_Hedqvist (
  3. The problem came from our exported and source controlled menu bars holding both the list of what menus they concist of and the actual code of the menus in them. We will now try tom mimic the way Uniface handles menus and menubars by only having a reference to a certain menu in a menubar in the export file, not the whole menu.


    Will get back to you when we know more..

    Author: Sven_Hedqvist (