JTI vs unification of servers

Author: spanish_uniface@hotmail.es (uniface8)

Hi, in my job we have a discussion, JTI vs unification of servers, someone knows the advantages or problems?

The application is client-server and have about 150 servers and 5000 clients more or less.

We have to unify servers or use JTI or both, someone has used JTI?

Thank you.


  1.  I asked to another uniface program and he said that its better citrix than JTI, somebody have worked with citrix or JTI?



    Author: uniface8 (spanish_uniface@hotmail.es)
  2. I've worked with JTi and my partner uses Citrix for her work. Citrix seems to have the same issues that Terminal Services does, in that it takes over the whole desktop, but that may be her implementation.

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)