IDF differentiation from the application

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We have two environments GUI & CHUI while developmnet we cant make out from the IDF whether it is GUI & CHUI

Is there any way to put GUI or CHUI on the top of the IDF where its shows (Uniface Eight) ?


  1. Copy the IDF.APS to ID_GUI.APS resp. IDF_CHUI.APS. Open the IDF_xxx.APS with a simple texteditor and search for the normal IDF header line. Replace it with any text you like. Copy your ASN-files and replace the following line [FILES] usys:idf.aps usys:..\components\idf.aps by [FILES] usys:idf.aps usys:..\components\idf__xxx.aps Now you can use the two ASN files for two links to IDF.EXE and you will get two different formtitles :-) Ingo

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  2. I checked for that IDF header line and dont think that is present in idf.aps file ,I am using uniface 8.4

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  3. When I serached for idf in idf.aps , below is the output


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  4. Sorry you are right , i got the text , and was able to get the new title thanks a lot :) this forum rocks



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  5. Hi Ingo,

      Surprising in idf.aps of uniface 9.4 doesnt have it , I could not change in that ?

    Any idea  on this

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  6. Hi Lalit

    In UF9.4, all (UnifAce) FRMs and APSs Files are compressed. So one can't change the text by just open the IFD.APS in a texteditor.

    (BTW: Does anyone know, which algorithm UnifAce is using to compress/uncompress this files?)

    Someone uploads a IDF.APS with a "switch" (setting in ASN file) to change the headerline. Don't remember who did so.


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  7. ... you may want to use different colors as optical reminders for development, test, and production environment.

    Have different INI files and use the IDF setup to change the background color of the idf.


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  8. Thanks seems working ,

     Is it possible to do the same with SOLID database Engine?, In .ini file there is no such setting to change it

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  9.  Is it possible tochange the  title in SOLID database Engine?, In .ini file there is no such setting to change it

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  10. [srv]

    in SOLID.INI will append the text to the "SOLID EMBEDDED ENGINE" text of the icon


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