Hidden cursor

Author: mauro.riva@ne.ch (MauroRiva)

I'm working with the version 8.4.04 of uniface.
Into an editbox, my cursor disappears depending of some setting.
With an Arial font 10 and a numeric field right aligned, the cursor disappears.
if the field is left aligned, it appears!
If I double the height of the line, it appears !
If I down size the font to 9, it appears!
Why it's not working with my settings?
There is a work around?
Thanks for your help.
Best regards

Mauro RIVA

PS  I have to work with a font of 10 !



  1. Not for sure, possibly is the Canvas Font responsible for the behaviour?

    In the ini-File (usys.ini) you've got somewhere Font0 (for Screen and for printing). Changing this to the Size of 10, it possibly will show you the cursor...

    But attention! You change the complete screen geometry while changing this Font...



    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)
  2. Thanks for the trick, but it doesn't work!


    Author: MauroRiva (mauro.riva@ne.ch)
  3. Hi wolfgang,

    finally it works, but I had to put the font0 to 11 !

    I cannot use this way because the screen geometry change too much.

    An other idea?


    Author: MauroRiva (mauro.riva@ne.ch)
  4. Hi Mauro,

    Possibly one or two ideas:
    - in case you've got a proportional font in FONT0, please take a non-proportional font (like Courier New) for font 0.
    From my experiences this can cause also irritations... FONT0 is only responsible for the geometry (The measures of the "M" are taken for the geometry of the uniface cells) and for character Terminals (CHUI) ...

    - We use instead of RGT the DIS-Format for numeric values (so the cursor stays left, but the numerics are "aligned"...) There's also
    a decimal alignment. I am not sure, if this or a combination of those can solve your problem.

    - As from your description I guess, the cursor position is wrong calculated and stays on the border of the field...
    Painting the fields without border and 3d, is the cursor visible? Then, form my opinion it's definitly a bug, and worth a call to compuware.


    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)
  5. Hi Wolfgang,

    thanks for your suggestions.

    I've tried them all but none works.

    Only the Dis-format could be a solution but my users do not like this solution.

    I also think that is a bug. I will give a call to compuware.

    I keep you inform.


    Author: MauroRiva (mauro.riva@ne.ch)
  6. Eureka,

    I found a solution with the Dis-format.

    Instead of using the right aligned (DIS(zzz,zzz),RGT),

    I use the right to left (DIS(zzz,zzz),RTL) and it works !

    that's the way Uniface works !!!


    Author: MauroRiva (mauro.riva@ne.ch)
  7. Hi Mauro,

    just a note:

    RTL  is a special mechanism to handle (fex: arabic) right to left written languages

    This may cause side effects if you use this (may be some tests will clear this situation).

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)
  8. Hi Uli,

    I did some tests and it looks ok.

    I will use this solution only for numeric fileds.

    Here is the answer of Compuware:


    I believe the issue below is your problem.
    BUG: 28218 - Cursor not visible in Editbox with RGT or WID(n)
    Fixed by the fix for
    BUG: 28151 - Editbox with RGT wraps floats
    So you need Uniface 8.4.06+patch D610 or D611 to have a fix for this problem.
    To get to 8.4.06 you need service pack M451:
    8.4.06 patches:

    Thanks to everybody for your help.

    Best regards

    Mauro RIVA

    Author: MauroRiva (mauro.riva@ne.ch)