Dynamic layout of an editbox

Author: ncolmart@medinfo.fr (ncolmart)

Hi all,

On a screen, I have a multiline entity containing many columns.
This is a configurable screen.
Thus, depending on a display profile that the user can change at runtime, columns may contain different kind of data.
I have defined these fields as strings, with Editbox widget, left aligned by default.

But depending on the kind of data loaded into the columns, I would like to change dynamically the layout of the columns, to apply a right alignment for example for some.

Is it possible ?


For Info : We are currently working on Uniface 8.2.03. We plan to move to Uniface 9.4.01 soon.


  1. Hi,

    I just refer to the wish list, topic: "field layout issues", where I describe the exact same problem. According to the number of views of this wishes and no replies yet, I guess there is not a big chance to find a good solution. 

    Possibly with 9.4. under specific circumstances:

    you can move dynamically fields, and even hide fields; so working with two (dummy)fields depending on the situation (Right or left alligned): Hide one of the two and move the other one to the right position. Unfortunetaly the specific circumstances = not a grid widget, no split bars used, not for Labels.


    Another solution, I did in a project (Versions 7, 8) using Split-Bars:

    Draw a set of split bars around the "situation" (right and left) Within this splitbars draw a couple of (dummy)fields in (we did: numeric fields, data fields, String fields etc. with different layouts) and attach all the fields to the right and the left (of the splitbars). Just HID all fields within the splitbar, and unhide only this field which fits to your needs.

    But all are more or less work arounds, works very nice, but you need take care of filling the correct (DUMMY field) with the data, prompting mechanism, etc. etc. pp.

    or... vote on my wish ;-)





    Author: gypsilon (wva@gypsilon.de)
  2. Hi Wolfgang

    Many thanks for your answer and for your workarounds.
    I'll test them.

    I looked at your wish and it's exactly what I need.
    I've added my vote on it !


    Author: ncolmart (ncolmart@medinfo.fr)