COM Interface Between Uniface and MSProject

Author: (ChrisK01)

I just what to know if anybody ever tried to create a project in MSProject via a signature or is there a better way of doing so?

We also tried using the tables for MSProject but is not to successful in adding custom information on the text, number and date columns.

Can anybody pleas help or give me an idea in how to do this.


  1. What about starting with an OCX container (if you have MS Project registered on your PC)?



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  2. Correct solution depends on application.

    Direct COM call of MSPRJ is very slow due to interprocess communication. Some object are not supported by com

    We have aplication  for Uniface and MSProject. We use it for  planning of machinery production with about 50000 tasks. We have VB60 com library  as interface between Uniface and MsProject to minimize interprocess calls and simplify development. This library  has methods for creating/updating Projects,tasks,Links,.... Methods are called  by MsPRJ Run command.

    Project  can be also created  using project database ..  .mpd is acces database, sqlserver database can be used too. This is relatively easy way, but  hard problem is to update existing project. The project database table structure was also changed in past. See PJOLEDB.HTM



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