Form to send mail with Uniface

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Could you tell me the way to do a screen ( form) to send a mail with Uniface 7206 :

From :

To :

CC :


Object :

Text :

And attachments ...

I don't want to open outlook ...


Thanks for yours helps,






  1. Ok i've found the Upopmail function with the sendmail operation.

    Just, what is the description of the sendmail signature ??





    Author: Bignon (
  2. Hi Jerome,

    If I recall correclty, Uniface 7 had an export of the signature that you must import into your repository.  I think it was called upopmail.sgx or something like that?  Is there a $usys/components/ directory that has this coponent?

    Once imported, you can look at the operations and params in the signature editor.

    Was there also something called upopmail.dll that you might need to pre-load.



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  3. Hi,

    Yes i've found it yesterday on

    I just a problem with my ini file in the usersdll section :

    i put demandload=c:\.....\upopmail.dll

    but it seems overwrite the others demandload....

    Anyway, Thanks for your help.


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  4. Hi Jerome,

    in the good old days of uniface, only one demandload= line is allowed in the ASN file.

    It is a comma-separated list of dll-paths.

    So just append ",c:\.....\upopmail.dll" to the existing line.

    If you copy upopmail.dll to your usys:bin directory, you do not need the complete path.

    Success, Uli

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