Changing Title of application

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I want to know, how i can change by program le title of my application, without changing the property in the startup shell.

To changins this for a form i use $formtitle, but for the application i don't know.

I use Uniface 7.2.

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  1. There is a $apptitle, but AFAIK not in 7.2

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  2. Thanks

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  3. Hi,


    It's actually $appLtitle and I just tested it in 9.03 - it works!. This is very useful when there are multiple environments (test, UAT, production) running concurrently. However, I have yet to find a way of feeding a different text to the $appltitle without hardcoding. One idea is to use a parameter in the target line of the application property.





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  4. We use a logical in the asn.

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  5. Thanks for the bit, workd great!



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  6. if you have your own startup shell (not IDF), you can pass parameters via commandline after the startup shell:

    ..../uniface.exe myapp appltitle="myOneDev" another_one=Test

    In the application execute trigger, you can access these via $1, $2, ...


    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  7. In versions prior to 9 we copied/renamed the idf.aps and changed the Title of the IDF/UDE window to reflect each working environment (e.g. Dev, Test, Prod).

    The idf.aps in version 9 does not allow for this sort of "manipulation".

    Does anyone know of a way to change the UDE window title bar?

    Author: Samuel Kester (
  8. There's a download (see related content) with a modified idf.aps, which you can use (I've not tested it with the last 9.5 trough)

    Cheers, Richard

    PS: trough, through, though ... I never remember the correct spelling :)

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