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Windows has different implementations of the file selection box. Uniface calls  the one used in Notepad or Wordpad, but it has limited functionality. For example, View selections (List, Detail, Tile, Icons) are not remembered.  Word and Excel use a different filebox that remembers the View (List , Detail) and has additional functionality such as previewing the file content and viewing file properties.

It would be nice if Uniface would allow a choice which one to use. This should be possible by adding a switch to the filebox statement.

Larry Atkins - Proware




  1. Full agreement! I don't know wether this is a question of implementation, but unfortunetaly the Filter-criteria of the filebox-statement is limited (as far as I remember to 16 characters).

    I can't e.g. set a filter to get all pictures:  "*.jpg;*.jpeg;*.bmp;*.gif;*.pcx;*.tif  ..." I tested it last in Version 8, but I think in Version 9 there's still no difference.



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  2. Hallo Larry and Wolfgang,

    the FileDialog is part of the comdlg32.dll.

    So "all" it needs is to provide an access to it via COM, Signature (or even 3GL)?

    The one called by Word and Excel seems to be part of the Microsoft Office Installation (MSO), so perhaps not all uniface users will have this dll installed on their computer. 

    Will investigate a little more in that area.


    Success, Uli

    P.S. For sure, it is not too hard to develop even a 4GL solution for this task,
    but at the end the end-user is used to use the windows dialogs.

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