Author: wva@gypsilon.de (gypsilon)

actual Version 9.3:

Another item for the wishlist, because it will get more and more important:

$paintedfieldproperties doesn't work:

(a) within Grids
(b) for Labels
(c) doesn't work, if a splitbar is painted in the form.

---> The usability is very restricted, and in most of my projects not really useable. There could be one or two workarounds for specific challenges, but that doesn't make life easy.

My wish to the lab: make it work!

---> I did not test the $paintedfieldproperties for RTL-Applications yet.
A very big question: Does it work like expected? (that is: mirrored in calculation of the position)
If not so, I like to post it as an additional item on the wishlist.

Many thanks


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