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Hi All After the workshop in Amsterdam looking at 10.00d, we let a few more developers back in the office have a play on the VM and I just wanted to pass on the feedback from them. Everyone that attended the workshop as well as the developers back in the office have said what a great job your guys are doing on the new IDE. Everything I have heard has been positive and you're definitely heading in the right direction. The feedback below is all minor UI ideas (and some of it is probably a duplicate of things found on the day). 1) Double clicking functionality to open things – maybe double-clicking on the icon to open a form (I realise that double clicking on the name seems to be rename though) 2) Need to be able to preview snippets 3) Difficult to know how to get back from an entity to a list of entities in the Define Structure view – maybe need an “Up a level” button 4) Wonder how tricky it might be to find triggers when you’ve got a lot of code (especially if there are loads of “collapse” things for branch statements). Really will depend on how efficient the code overview window is 5) Really like seeing the field properties straight away (no more pop-ups) – should be able to just change the value and tab out though (not require enter), and the down arrow to get a list of valid values is a little small (why doesn’t it appear when you select the field for example?). If the dropdown is quite long, e.g. for field types, then it seems to appear away from the field rather than underneath it 6) Can we undo back to before an “auto-save” happened? For example, if we made a mistake and deleted a lot of code and it then auto-saved, could we undo to get the original code back? 7) The action for adding a new component seemed really fluid up until the last bit. You could very easily add a new DSP to the project. But it would then be automatically be new_dsp1. It would be nice to get the option to name it when the component is added(to save right clicking afterwards). 8) When you click the actions button, it isn’t clear that the action relates to the item you have open rather than the item you have clicked. I duplicated my project a fair few times before realising it was doing the project rather than the DSP I had selected. 9) As it happens, when my project had duplicated it wasn't really clear that it had duplicated. Something that tells me that it has been duplicated. 10) It doesn't seem straightforward if you want to add a dummy entity / dummy field. It’s expecting you to have a dummy defined within the model. We quite often create dummy entities that are not in the model. Hope that's of some use anyway, let me know if you want any further information. Looking forward to build 10.00e nowLaugh Regards, David Wraith

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  1. Hello David, Thanks for taking the time and the effort to provide feedback. Even if we’ve heard it before, it’s still valuable to us: the more customers that report certain omissions or unexpected behavior, the more likely it is that it’s based on a common expectation. Regardless whether that is about navigation concepts, about response to a mouse click or about feedback after performing an action. I’m not going to respond to each and every observation, they are all valid and we add them to what we have received during the day on September 23 as well as during the Uniface User Group conferences in the USA (October 8) and Germany (November 5). Kind regards, Henk van der Veer Program manager Uniface 10

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