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 Hi guys, and thanks to all the team for the Workshop on Tuesday, it was very interesting. A point that was quickly mentionned but I feel could have a huge impact on your design for the IDE is that you need to test it, sooner rather than later against a voluminous repository of components (1000+ components and entities) to establish if the navigation paradigm you are putting in place there will hold under volumes. Since there is no file=>open or "retrieve Form" notion and everything gets retireved for you ... how is it going to cope with a list with thousands of items, and will the HTML controls be up to the task. It will probably also make more apparent the type of searching / profiling facilities that were suggested yesterday that will need to be put in place. Denis


  1. Thanks for your feedback Deniz. We've been scalability testing the number of objects that the IDE can handle, and this is built into our automated built/test suite. This has been in place pretty well from the beginning, and we've also compared against other, comparable IDEs, and we seem to be able to scale/perform well, so we think we're in a good spot.   Some of the those findings resulted in some of the struct related tweaks and enhancements which were delivered in Uniface 9.6.  We do need to ensure that the actual profiling and searching has a good user experience though, and the workshops have already given us some ideas there. 

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  2. Hi Adrian I didn't see UnifAce 10 yet, but as Denis wrote, there is no more a "open/search-component" to get a component into the IDE. Instead there will be trees(?) to find the component. a) Is this true? b) If yes, how could I find all components ending with *XYZ?

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  3. Hey there Ingo, I didn't read Denis's comments that there isn't a search, just that as part of the navigation, all of the objects are displayed and there was a concern about the capabilities to work well with large repositories. Slightly different things.  There are a few ways to navigate about the  IDE, including being able to search and open a particular component, or a profile.  I was going to post some screen shots, but I decided not to at this time. Maybe after the workshops in Koln/Cologne I will. 

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