small demo project with Uniface 10 web

Author: (cabero)

Is there someone in the Uniface Community (perhaps the Uniface team?)  who could share the source code of a small demo projet with this Uniface 10 web edition ?  This would help a lot !  Many Thanks in advance Daniel


  1. Hi Daniel,   in the helpfile, there are some tutorials which deal with the u10 development environment.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Ulrich Thank you for your response. I am trying to do this tutorial, step by step. But at the final, Where i test my CPT ORDERDSP  , i have an error message -300 Any idea ? Do i have to create the table ORDERSP in the database first ? In general, I found that new Uniface workbench very different  than the 9.6 one.   Of courser it is the beginning, but I feel the Uniface interface muuuuch more slow. => Looong time before refreshing the screen at any typing .... :( What is your opinion about the new workbench ?   Daniel

    Author: cabero (
  3. Hi Daniel, I can't tell you why you got the -300. If you or your company have a contact in Amsterdam, please call it for assistance.   If you solved the situation, please be so friendly to all us uniface customers/users to publish cause and solution here.   And it would be a good idea if you use the FEEDBACK option which is a link at the bottom of each helpfile page. This gives Amsterdam a chance to improve the tutorial instructions with some: "in case you get a -300, please do ..."

    Author: ulrich-merkel (