resizing the IDE

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

it looks like the IDE always (in MAXIMIZE as well as in NORMAL) eats up the complete screen. is there a way to resize it so I see some other document (like the helpfile with the tutorial)  as well?   update: In the meantime I found a way to chance the mouse cursor to the resizing one   but is the initial size of the screen so wide that it occupies the whole screen ?


  1. By default, when the IDE starts for the first time, it indeed starts in maximized state, but can be made restored by pushing the Restore button on the caption of the window. At that time it becomes smaller and can be re-sized and moved. This is standard Windows functionality. Next time you start the IDE, it will start the way you left it last time, with the following exception (and that is indeed a Uniface bug and not a specific IDE bug): when Uniface/IDE is closed and the last time it was maximized, it starts as restored but with the size of the screen. At that time, it is even that big, that some of the window borders are not reachable and therefore the window cannot be re-sized. Workaround, grab the window by the caption and drag it more to the center of the screen. After that, the window borders can be re-sized.

    Author: Gerton Leijdekker (
  2. Hi Gerton, thanks for the explanation what has caused my problem.   Thanks a lot and greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

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