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In previous versions, I used the context sensitive help to get information how to operate the open IDF form. And the pulldown menue as well as the context menu gave a lot of hints what support can be provided by the development environment. When writing code, we can comment/uncomment codelines, find/replace, tabbify/untabbyfy, check syntax, add manual tags ... with popup menu.   As we have learned, there is a way to see an outline of procedures defined in a script window hovering over the active object in the structure window and pressing (NOT right clicking) the triangle.   Is it possible for the early adopters to provide a more verbose tutorial where all these nice hints and helpers are mentioned. In "Script the Behaviour for Application Data" after the "For example, Uniface provides default code for the following system triggers" something like:   You can get a list of all definitions with the option to jump to the start of each definition if you point with the mouse to the active occurence in the Structure tree. This will invoke a black triangle button at the end of the name. Pushing this button will open a window with name and type of the modules defined in the code. A doubleclick will set the cursor to the first line of the definition.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Uli, We'll update the tutorial for the service pack. It's always a balancing act to get just the right amount of information into a tutorial without overloading it, so it's helpful to hear what is helpful. Wink Barbara Douma Information Developer, Uniface

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