missing the message line

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

in U10 IDE, there is no message line. But a lot of features like the SQL workbench or the progress of a running compiler use the message line to inform the user.   IMHO, the tabwidget with the two output boxes can not replace the functionality of the messageline.   Imagine the IDE opens up with "Compiler Output" activated. Now you open the SQL workbench, but when you hit "SQL", the $status information is not visible. And as we are in a modal form, there is no way to see the message without leaving the workbench.   So one has to adjust this tabwidget before the form is opened. in U9, the messageline was always visible including the history.   Perhaps a 3rd tabpage which shows a merge of both channels will help because this can be used as a default.


  1. You are right on all accounts here. Indeed, as long as we have 'old' stuff in there, the message line will be missed. Maybe should put it back until everything is replaced into something new. Like fro example, the SQL workbench will be a non-modal workbench with its own input and output and messaging functionality. It might even become a separate tool that runs outside of the IDE. Gerton

    Author: Gerton Leijdekker (gerton.leijdekker@uniface.com)
  2. Hi Gerton, with the messageline we developer had an area to inform the user which is always visible, but needs no action (and provided a history). To achieve the old information situation, we now have to use message/info, but this forces to user to push the OK.   In U10 IDE, there can only be either the Tab for messages or compiler-output be seen, so infos may be not noticed. Adding a 3rd option still has the risk that the wrong one (compiler-output) is active.   Thinking of an U10 C/S application (like the IDE is one), a pulldown menu and a messageline is mandatory.   Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (ulrichmerkel@web.de)