how2 clear the messages area

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

when we inspect the messageframe in U9, we can clear the contents. Is there something similar in u10 to clear the message/compiler output areas?


  1. Although we do not provide full keyboard support (in particular navigation and commands), you can clear the output areas using the default Uniface key combination for ^Clear (Ctrl-G). Make sure to make the output area you wish to clear active, bu putting the cursor in the text. (You won't get visual feedback that the cursor is actually in the text of the output area, but even Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C do work in ths area.)

    Author: Henk van der Veer (
  2. Hello Henk, thanks for the info. As an experienced U5-U9 user, I try to follow my habits in U10. There are some painful traps like quitting changes with the ENTER key. As a reflex, I use to point to the next field after I finished my changes, but in U10 this means losing my input. Same happens if I change the active window to check the tutorial in the helpfile.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (